Monday, 1 February 2021

The Poems: Singing like Pavarotti

Title: Singing Like Pavarotti: Pamphlet no 164. Cover: Silent Scream: Surreal Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial.Published by Malfranteaux Concepts Printed by Retro Overflow Copyright: Sheena Blackhall February 2021 Limited Edition of 50 Thanks are due to Malfranteaux Concept for publishing this volume, and to the creator of the cover image.“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”― Rumi  

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The Poems: An Infestation of Clocks

Title: An Infestation of Clocks: Pamphlet no 163 Cover:It isTime Photoshop Manipulation by njakkk (on pin interest) Published by Malfranteaux Concepts Printed by Retro Overflow Copyright: Sheena Blackhall January 2021

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

The Poems: The Pantheist

Acknowledgements:Title: The Pantheist (Pamphlet 162), Cover: Yoga Tree (in public domain),Published by Malfranteaux Concepts,Printed by Repro Overflow, Aberdeen December 2020 Two of the poems were written to perform at a Xmas event to be filmed at Saint Machar’s Cathedral. John Bett and Fiona Kennedy are producing VSA’s ‘A Guid Noel’ at St Machar’s Cathedral on Tuesday 15th December. All lockdown rules will be observed. The programme will be celebrating 150 years of VSA.

Friday, 13 November 2020

The Poems: Mind Spaghetti for a Rainy Day

Title: Mind Spaghetti for a Rainy Day (Pamphlet 161)Cover Design : clip art,Published by Malfranteaux Concepts,Printed by Repro Overflow, Aberdeen Acknowledgements:I was lucky in childhood in having a grandmother and father who loved me unconditionally. Indeed, it was more than love, I was cherished. My brother, on the other hand, was cherished by our mother. Oddly, both my brother Ian & myself were overly ambitious, well beyond our talents. He aimed to become a famous concert pianist. My ambition was to go to Paris, become a famous artist, maybe even found a painting dynasty. Both of our ambitions crashed and burned. He ended up as a chartered accountant, I diverted into writing. The careers we cherished, perished. Our ‘second starts’ did not hold us in the same tenacious grip, although neither of us forgot our father’s statement: ‘Naebody’s interested in fa comes second. It’s winnin that matters.’ Sheena Blackhall November 2020 (It is important) ‘not to love too much, for he knew the injury that a father can do to a daughter or a mother to a son by attaching them too closely: afterward, out in the world, the child would seek in the marriage partner the same blind tenderness and, failing probably to find it, turn against love and life.’ From Babylon Revisited  

Friday, 23 October 2020

The Owersetts: Twenty Sonnets for Mama

Some months ago I was contacted by Shao Lei from China's Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press(FLTRP) who is in charge of the overseas copyright of the Chinese poet Jidi Majia's works, through the good services of Gerry Loose. I was asked to translate into Scots the poem :Twenty Sonnets for Mama, which was published in 2020. Jidi Majia (simplified Chinese: 吉狄马加, traditional Chinese: 吉狄馬加, pinyin: Jídí mǎjiā) is Chinese poet and was a lieutenant governor of Qinghai from 2006 to 2010. He has won national literature awards, is also considered one of the greatest poets of minorities in China. He is the President of the China Minority Literary Association and Permanent Vice-President of the China Poets' Association.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Little Book of Issues

Title: The Little Book of Issues (Pamphlet 160)Cover: Pixabay Photo, online, copyright free Published by Malfranteaux Concepts Printed by Repro Overflow, Aberdeen For more information on publications by Sheena Blackhall, visit or the on-line catalogue of the Nat. Library of Scotland All of Blackhall’s poems in Scots and English, are now uploaded on Her website can be found on An interview in podcast form with the poet appears on: are due to Malfranteaux Concept for publishing this volume. October 2020: copyright Sheena Blackhall Limited Edition of 50

Poems: The Mannequin

Title: The Mannequin (Pamphlet 159).Cover: Copyright free from Pixabay. Published by Malfranteaux Concepts.Printed by Repro Overflow, Aberdeen Limited Print 50 copies Acknowledgements:Seasonal Shifts was inspired by participation in A Half-Nijuin Renga in for National Poetry Day October 1st 2020, run by Gerry Loose & Ken Cockburn on Zoom: the actual group Renga ‘No Quasimodo clang; can be found on the Lapidus website, Making a Stand was inspired by a Zoom meet with the Scottish Poetry Library, discussing poems about racism. Prior to that I was commissioned by Aberdeen City Libraries to pull together responses by the general public on Aberdeen’s Future, which prompted my own poem, Aberdeen: The Future. Twa Traditional Malay Pantuns was published in Pantouns. Bretagnes-Celties, Pantun Sayang: Les Amis Francophones du Pantoun (AFP), with thanks to Georges Voisset. In September I was contacted by Lisa Jablow, from The Voice for Asian Elephants Society. This was founded by Sangita Iyer, who created the documentary Gods In Shackles, about the temple elephants of Kerala. The VFAES two-day event in November is to include a concert, wherein my poem The Walk of the Temple Tooth Elephant, will be set to music and sung.Some poems were inspired by the BP Portrait Award 2020 exhibition, Aberdeen.October 2020: copyright Sheena Blackhall

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The Owersetts: The Itchy Coo Book o Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Scots

The Itchy Coo Book of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales in Scots By (author) Martin Waddell; Edited by James Robertson; Edited by Matthew Fitt; Introduction by Julia Donaldson; Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. ISBN 978-1-78530-313-5 2020 This classic collection brings together nine favourite stories, The Little Mermaid, translated by Sheena Blackall is the final story.