Monday, 18 December 2006

The Poems: The Likeable Ordeal

OUT NOW.... Sheena's 50th collection of poetry, The Likeable Ordeal, published by Severin Books.

The collection includes a number of poems written in October 2006 during Sheena's time at the Ted Hughes Centre, Lumb Bank, Yorkshire.

Some of the poems and songs included in The Likeable Ordeal were performed at the Brechin Arts Festival 2005, the Aberdeen Arts Carnivals 2005 and 2006, Deliberately Thirsty at the Edinburgh Fringe 2006, Aberdeen Word Festival 2006, and the William Wallace 2005 Commemorations. Others have been published in 100 Favourite Scottish Poems (Luath and the SPL, 2006), Scotland's Poets (Poetry Now, 2006), Great Britain (Anchor Books, 2005) and in the Friends of Elphinstone Institute newsletter.

Copies of The Likeable Ordeal are available from Severin Books - get yours before they sell out!