Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Poems: The Hoose o the Cacklefart Hen & Dead Men's Whispers

The Hoose o the Cacklefart Hen (1) and Dead Men's Whispers (2) are two collections of poems in Scots and English, published by Lochlands, Maud, Aberdeenshire(2008). Both were launched at the Word Fringe Festival ( ) event, Poetry Scotland on the Road. 'The Ridin o the Pairliament'(1) was published in Lallans 71. 'The Hoose o the Cacklefart Hen' (1) was featured in the S.L.S. Collogue (2007). 'Summer is i Cumin in.' (1) was published in There's a Poem in my Soup (Koo Press). 'The Plunderers' (2) appeared in Skein of Geese: An Anthology of Poems from the 100 Poets Gathering, Stanza 2007 (Shed Press). 'Childhood' (2) features in 'Nature's Paradise' (Forward Press 2008). 'Terminal Five' (2) has been published in Poetry Scotland. Many of the poems in Dead Men's Whispers were written during a visit to Pompeii and Rome.