Monday, 1 June 2009

The Poems: Peacock

The Yalla Yeitie was broadcast by Robbie Shepherd on The Reel Blend, Radio Scotland. Several poems and songs were written during the poet’s time as Writer in Residence at Aberdeen University’s 09 Word Festival. Poems from pages 4- 21 were inspired by the Aberdeen Artist Society’s 75th Exhibition, (2-30th May 2009). Others were written during a retrospective exhibition of the works of James Furneaux at Peacock Visual Art Gallery (18thApril- 30th May 2009). Water of Life / Uisge Beatha was written during a workshop at the International Conference of Poetry & Childhood at the British Library, run by the University of Cambridge, (20-21/4/09). The cover is copied from a traditional Mehndi pattern.