Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Plays

‘Deein Fine’ was acted by Fleeman Productions in January 2013. The play is set in St Nicholas Kirkyard and an unnamed Aberdeen Hospice. The one act play “Nicht Shades” (a runner-up in the Barron Prize for Doric Drama) was adapted from the pageant, written by Sheena Blackhall and Les Wheeler. Sheena Blackhall’s solo plays include two commissioned by Gordon Menzies Productions for BBC Education’s ‘Around Scotland’, ‘A Tongue in yer Heid’, televised in Jan/Feb 1995. The plays were ‘The Broken Hairt’ and ‘The Nicht Bus.’ She has also written several monologues: ‘Simmer Interlude’ (Wittgenstein’s Web, GKB Enterprises, 1996), The Twilight Zone (Reets, Keith Murray Publications 1991) and ‘Swimming in the Dark’ (The Bonsai Grower GKB Enterprises 1998)