Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Bairn Books

The Bairn Books:Millie (ISBN 978-0-9564837-4-4) is a bairn-book written in Doric by Sheena Blackhall and illustrated by Bob Dewar. The book is edited by Bill Burnett and was published by the Reading Bus (Aberdeen) in 2010, as part of a team project managed by Jenny Watson . Ian Hudghton MEP contributed the foreword. The book has its own website,, which will eventually have sound translations in 30 different languages from around the world. Blackhall contributed to previous Reading Bus publications, the anthologies ‘Fit Like Yer Majesty’ and ‘Nae Bad Ava’.
Working as Storyteller & poet on the Reading Bus, she has also assisted pupils, storytellers and artists in the following team projects:
Titanic:ISBN. 9780951137377 (Cornhill Primary 2007)
The Chief o Mounthooley’s Kilt: ISBN 978-0-9558904-3-7 (Causewayend Primary 2008)
Crocorattie: ISBN 978-0-9558904-4-4 9 (Donbank Primary 2008)
Rockraptor: ISBN -978-0-9558904-6-8 (Kittybrewster Primary 2009)
Loch Ness Monster ISBN-978-0-9558904-5-1 (Cornhill Primary 2008)
Aul Aiberdeen ISBN 978-0-9564837-1-3 (Cornhill Primary 2009)
The Woodcarvers of King’s College Chapel ISBN 978-0-9564837-2-0 (Woodside Primary 2009)
Wishes and Legends: Stories & Springboards (2010)