Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Barley Queen : The Poems

Some of these poems and pieces of prose have already been published. Growing Down , Bannockburn 1314 & Bannockburn Crow, appear on . An e-book of selected poems by Sheena Blackhall also appears on this site.
The Twa Corbies appears on-line at as part of the Scottish Book Trust’s initiative into books that changed our lives.
Poems from pps 1-22 were mainly written at Dhanakosa, WWW.DHANAKOSA.COM June 5-12th or on the two weeks returning from retreat there. Catriona was written at Fadlydyke, New Deer, Aberdeenshire after a tour around the livestock and crops.

As part of the duties of Makar for Aberdeen and the North East, poems or songs are occasionally written, either by commission, request, or because the Makar feels motivated to do so. The Turra Coo, A Sang o Portsoy, Doric in a Suit, The Maiden o Drumdurno & the Bullers o Buchan fall into this category.