Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Poems: The Dragon's Vertebrae

The Dragon's Vertebrae (Malfranteaux Concepts, 2007) is a collection of poems and tales in Scots and English, some of which have appeared in various magazines and journals.

'The Thorn Buss' was shortlisted for the McCash Poetry Prize in 2007. 'Reflections of a Minotaur' features in the Forward Press anthology Scottish, Irish and Welsh Verses (2007). 'Latte: Books n' Beans' has been published in There's a Poem in My Soup (Koo Press).

The short story 'Beelzebub' was published in Lallans 2007 and won the William Gilchrist Graham Award for best story in Scots.
'Jingle Bells' appeared in Immersed in Imagination (New Fiction, 2007).

The Poems: The Pierrot's Narrative

The Pierrot's Narrative (Malfranteaux Concepts, 2007) includes some poems written and performed during Aberdeen University Word Festival, 2007. Many were inspired by work exhibited at the Aberdeen Artists' 73rd Exhibition. Sheena Blackhall is an ordinary member of the Aberdeen Artists' Society under her maiden name of Middleton. She illustrates books as Sìne NicTheàrlaich.

Other poems in this collection were written during a week's retreat at the Buddhist Centre of Dhanakosa, in Balquhidder.