Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Poems: Census Matters

Census Matters ISBN 978 1 87098 83 5 Poems & Tales in Scots & English Published by Malfranteaux Concepts, Aberdeen Cover: Sìne NicTheàrlaich Cost: £3.00 Copyright: S. Blackhall 2011 Friday Tsunami is published in Poems in the Wind ISBN 978 1 870978 80 4 Published by Malfranteaux Concepts. Lumphanan’s Witches was written in response to a request by Duncan Lockerbie of Lumphanan Press, Roddenbrae, Lumphanan, for a poem to add to an anthology raising funds for the Lumphanan Heritage Society. Four Doric poems, The Duchess o Richmond an Gordon, Roseile, Scolty, and Denlethen, were written to feature on panels erected by the Forestry Commission. The Fruit of Paradise and The Aipple were published in The Core 1SBN 978 1 870978 78 1 (Malfranteaux Concepts, 2011). Ballad is an owersett in Scots of a poem by John Clare. (An owersett in Scots of Clare’s poem November, appears in the 2010 Best Scottish Poems online, chosen by the editor Jen Hadfield. The Lovers of Union Square appeared on Union Square’s Facebook and Twitter entries. It was specially written for their Valentine’s Event, 12/2/11. In the Room Next Door was published in Love Poems for Valentines, ISBN 978 1 870978 60 6, Malfranteaux Concepts 2011. Three poems were inspired by Under the Covers: Nursing the Soldiers of the Great War as part of ‘The Caring Profession’ project. Nurse Jeannie L. Daniel’s autograph book contains poems, epithets and sketches contributed by soldiers convalescing in Oldmill Hospital, Aberdeen (now Woodend) between 1917 and 1918. Blackhall was invited to participate in this project by Dr Colin MacDuff of RGU. Wame Mates & Le Temps Menaçant are published in Issue 10 Pushing Out the Boat, May 2011. Some of the poems were produced by Blackhall in her capacity as Makar of Aberdeen & North East Scotland. For a comprehensive list of Sheena Blackhall’s work, see Finally, thanks are due to Thistle Reprographics for their expertise and speed in producing the book itself and to Malfranteaux Concepts for publishing it.

Poetry Pamphlet no 78 May 2011