Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Poems: The Housewife's Dream

Title: The Housewife’s Dream. Poems & Tales in Scots & English by Sheena Blackhall. Published by Lochlands, Maud, Aberdeenshire. Printed by Thistle Reprographics, 55 Holburn Street Aberdeen. Cover: I and the Village, Marc Chagall, painted in 1911 Cost: £3.00.Copyright: S. Blackhall 2014 Two of these poems were inspired by a writing session led by Dr Adam Hanna in Aberdeen City Council’s Townhouse. Others were written in response to paintings in the 80th Aberdeen Artists' Exhibition. In May 2014 Blackhall became Patron of Reading at Kaimhill Primary School in Aberdeen.The children’s tales at the end of the book were written as challenges set by the pupils providing 4 words, to be incorporated eg Hungary, tiger, cold, girl, with the exception of one tale written by her son, Ross Blackhall.Thanks are due to Les Wheeler for his continued encouragement and support in agreeing to publish this little pamphlet (the 103rd poetry volume). For more information on other publications by Sheena Blackhall, visit http://sheenablackhall.blogspot.com or the on-line catalogue of the National Library of Scotland www.nls.uk/catalogues/online/index/html. All of Blackhall’s poems in Scots and English, are now uploaded on www.poemhunter.com.