Monday, 28 May 2007

The Novellas: The Quarry

Launched at the Word Festival,
The Quarry (Lochlands, 2007) is a novella in Scots. In four parts, it centres on a granite quarry in the town of Meikleburgh spanning the years 2010 to 3000. A short story 'The Yalla Idol' also features in the book.

Sheena dedicated the novella to the late Sir Cyril Lucas, the Director of Fisheries Research for Scotland based at the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen. She writes, "For over forty years he was my parents' next door neighbour. After the bells rang in each Hogmanay, he would first foot us. As a sleepy child struggling to stay awake to greet the New Year, I remember a conversation he once had with my father on the subject of the Future... Dr Lucas argued convincingly that cities would eventually be built under the sea to conserve land."

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