Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Bairn Books: Apardion

The Bairn-Books:Apardion, a Leopard’s Quest 2011 (pub.The Reading Bus ISBN 987-0-9564837-8-2 is written by Sheena Blackhall with Illustrations by Julie Lacome and edited by Bill Burnett. It is the 5th commercial book produced by The Reading Bus, launched on 27.10.11 at Marischal College Aberdeen. The book tells the tale of a spirit from the Northern Lights who visits Aberdeen to discover if this might be his birth place. Apardion visits 14 heritage landmarks on his travels and at each discovers secrets from the past. With a foreword by HRH Duchess of Rothesay, the book will be a springboard to engage schools across Aberdeen to research the heritage of their Granite City. The 12 Associated School Groups in Aberdeen are being encouraged to adopt one of the heritage landmarks in the book, sponsored by different businesses and will research its rich history and culture. Their findings will be translated in a variety of mediums including film, podcasts and literature. These resources will be shared through a dedicated web site and an App, which will allow both visitors and citizens of Aberdeen to enjoy an interactive virtual or actual tour of the heritage landmarks. The finished website and App will be published in June 2012.

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