Sunday, 27 May 2018

The Poems: Saying the Unsayable

Saying the Unsayable: poems in Scots and English by Sheena Blackhall. Published by Equinox Publishing Printed by Gatehouse Design & Print Agency, RGU, Aberdeen, launched at Aberdeen University’s May Festival, 2018. Many of these poems were written on a week’s retreat at Dhanakosa, Balquidder, entitled Tai Chi, Poetry and Meditation. ‘The Address Remembers’ was the poem of the Day on the website The Glasgow based poems were written whilst engaged on the Autumn Voices project. ‘Freedom o the Toun’ was written to perform on National Poetry Day, an open air event arranged by the poet Andy Bisset in Aberdeen. ‘The Street Art Rap’ was written to celebrate the Nuart project, produced and promoted by Aberdeen Inspired and Aberdeen City Council. The Tarland Burn was published in the Cromar History Group’s Magazine.For more information on publications by Sheena Blackhall, visit or the on-line catalogue of the Nat. Library of Scotland All of Blackhall’s poems in Scots and English are now uploaded on Her website can be found on An interview in podcast form with the poet appears on: Thanks are also due to Equinox for commissioning this collection, and in particular to Andy Bisset and Angela Joss for their work in bringing this collection to fruition. It is dedicated to the memory of the late Morven Coutts Blackhall. ‘Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death’ Coco Chanel.

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