Friday, 12 May 2006

Bairn Poems: The Tiger o Trincomalee

The Tiger o Trincomalee is a Very Limited Edition collection of poems in Scots for bairns, published by Malfranteaux Concepts in 2006.
In his review in Lallans, David C. Purdie said: 'this is a wee traisure trove that'll kittle up the childer nae fash. Forbye the poems the buiks illustratit wi umpteen braw wee drawins duin bi ane Sine NicThearlaich wha turns oot tae be nane ither nor Sheena Blackhall hersel... sae lang as we hae skellie makars like Sheena Blackhall screivin for bairns an growne-up bodies forbye, there's hope yet for the Scots leid'.

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