Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Poems: A Boorich o Breets

Published in 2002 by Severin Books, A Boorich o Breets: The Gurks, The Sphinx, an Ither Fantoosh Beasties was sold in aid of local charity FORAK (Friends of the Royal Cornhill, House of Daviot & Kingseat Hospitals).

Animals and animas, real and mythical beasts from Skinnymalinkie Centipede to the Loch Ness Monster, Scots craiturs and English creatures, practical and unpractical cats - they're all here in this collection of 76 poems.

The collection proved extremely popular, and the limited edition sold out completely in a matter of weeks. It is rumoured that the unprecedented rush to purchase Breets (as it became known) was because of the inclusion of 'Smokey Duggan the Campus Cat', a celebration of a much-loved university character, whose picture graced the wall of Sheena's office in the Elphinstone Institute for several years.

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