Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Short Stories: A Kenspeckle Creel

A Kenspeckle Creel is just that. NicTheàrlaich created a photomontage of the Mona Lisa on the cover. The collection contains twelve short stories, five of which are owersetts into Scots of tales by Italo Calvino. Donald Cunningham translated Calvino into English, which are here reset into Scots. Calvino is a highly visual writer, whose tales of Marcovaldo greatly intrigued Sheena. Some of the stories were published by Chapman.
There are also 28 poems in the collection and two plays, The Nicht Bus and Broken Hert, commissioned by Gordon Menzies Productions for the BBC Education Scotland’s programme ‘A Tongue in yer Heid’, broadcast on Jan/Feb 1995. A Kenspeckle Creel was published by Hammerfield Publishing in 1995.

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