Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Poems: Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box was another of the Very Limited Editions published in 2004. A collection of poems in Scots and English, the booklet contains a selection of work which featured in a Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust exhibition alongside the pictures which inspired them. Poems performed at the Edinburgh Festival Book Fringe in 2004 are also included.

The foreword contains one of my favourite Sheena anecdotes, which I first heard lang syne when I asked her what inspired a particular poem:
"Ten years ago I attended a workshop run by the Scottish psychosynthesists on integrating the psyche. We were to imagine the psyche as a house. We were to imagine the front door. We were to imagine the door opening. A very important element of the psyche was to emerge in symbolic form. Others saw Indian chiefs and Egyptian priests. From my front door there stepped a large hairy Friesian, mooing amiably… "

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