Monday, 8 May 2006

The Short Stories: Reets

There are twenty stories in Reets. One half of the tales are written in English, the other half in Scots. Some of the stories appeared in Cencrastus, Chapman, GuidGear/Sma Buik, Lallans, Northern Lights Schools Anthology(Unwin/Hyman), and Original Prints I, II, & III. Others were broadcast on Robbie Shepherd’s programme ‘North East Neuk’.

‘Reets’ and ‘The Wattergaw’ were prize winning stories in the Scots Language Society’s annual competition of 1998 and 1990 respectively, being awarded the Robert MacLellan cup. ‘The Frog’ is an English version of ‘The Puddock’, also a prize winning entry in that competition. 'The Honey that Came from the Sea' is a fantasy story, twice broadcast on BBC, one of the writer’s favourite stories.

ISBN 1870978331 Keith Murray Publications, 1991

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