Monday, 8 May 2006

The Poems: Fite Doo Black Crow

Fite Doo / Black Crow is a collection of poems sadly long out of print (Keith Murray Publishing, 1989). The photo above is of Sheena's own copy which she used during public readings. Aat's a gey glamorous picter o the quine hersel on the back cover, divn't ye think?

Gavin McEwen, then the Preses of the Scots Language Society, writing in the magazine Lallans, said of these poems: ‘Gin ye’re eftir couthy kailyaird verse ye’d better no fash yersel wi Sheena’s wark. Hers is the poetry o a maker, grundit steive i the nor east, but rowin up aw the cerns o mankind in its wab.’

The Cover is a reproduction of the painting Sheep in a Snowstorm by Joseph Farquharson and permission was granted by Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum to use it for this purpose. It contains an introduction by the poet Ken Morrice, who was present at Blackhall’s debut as a poet in Aberdeen.

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