Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Poems: Fae the Muckle Furth

The Tower o Babel: A Wheen Owersettins in Scots and The Lan o Tea an Tigers are the next in the series of Very Limited Edition booklets which appeared in 2004. Both collections are subtitled 'Poems fae the Muckle Furth' and include work inspired by Sheena's travels.

All the poems in The Tower o Babel are owersetts into Scots taken from English translations completed by others who are expert in their own linguistic fields. "What interests me", says Sheena, "are the ideas behind the words, from different countries and times."

The Lan o Tea an Tigers, in addition to poems written during Sheena's travels in Thailand and India, features 'The Lion and the Eagle', a poem written and performed during 'Scotland at the Smithsonian' which Sheena attended with Elphinstone colleagues Stanley Robertson and Ian Russell in 2003.

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