Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Poems: 2004 Limited Editions

At the end of Sheena's residency as Creative Writer in Scots at the Elphinstone Institute she had a wealth of poems and stories. She decided to make these available in Very Limited Edition print runs and the first two booklets to appear were the poetry collections Diminishing Lines and The Humpty Dumpty Man.

Some of the poems in Diminishing Lines also featured in Chapman, Poetry Scotland, and Storm. Others were recorded on the CD Inspired Gossip. 'Brig o Balgownie (*2)' was exhibited as part of a poetry installation at the Queen Mother Library whilst other poems were exhibited by GHAT at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, alongside the paintings which inspired them and the thought processes involved.

The Humpty Dumpty Man features 'Across the Braid Atlantic' and 'Bonnie Fite-Haired Loon', prize-winning entries in the Doric Festival Traditional Ballad and TMSA Ballad writing competitions respectively.

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