Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Novellas: Loon

'Loon', a novella in North East Scots, was published by Itchy Coo in 2003, in Double Heider: Twa Novellas in Scots. The book - a Scottish publishing first - also features Hamish MacDonald's 'The Girnin Gates', written in Glaswegian dialect.

'Loon' is the story of Donnie Paterson, a troubled Aberdeenshire teenager whose life is turned around by the discovery of his missing grandfather in a retirement home, and a holiday in the Highlands where he hears a strange story that becomes the key to solving his problems.

Itchy Coo is an award-winning imprint which specialises in Scots Language books for children and young people.

The paperback of Double Heider is available online from the Itchy Coo website, or at all good bookshops. ISBN: 1 902927 72 9

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