Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Poems: Stagwyse

Stagwyse is a selection of poems representing a decade of Sheena’s work. Edited and with an introduction by Colin Milton, it was published by the Charles Murray Memorial Trust in 1995.

Stagwyse draws on eight collections published between 1984 and 1994: The Cyard’s Kist (Rainbow Books, 1984); The Spik o’ the Lan’ (Rainbow Books, 1986); Hame-drauchit (Rainbow Books, 1987); Fite Doo Black Crow (Keith Murray Publishing, 1989); The Nor’ East Neuk (Charles Murray Memorial Fund, 1989); A Toosht o’ Whigmaleeries (Hammerfield Publishing, 1993); Druids, Drachts, Drochles (Hammerfield Publishing, 1994), and also includes a number of poems first published in (among others) Cencrastus, Chapman , Lines Review and The Living Doric.

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