Friday, 12 May 2006

The Poems: 2004 Limited Editions

Hairst o Thorns and Serendipity are the final pair of 2004 very limited edition collections, and were published by Lochlands.

As with some earlier collections, all proceeds from Hairst o Thorns went to support Mental Health Aberdeen. 'Luggin in at Khan’s' was commissioned by Radio Scotland. Other poems were published in three Anchor Books anthologies, the Triumph House anthology ‘Within my Hand’ and in Forward Press’s ‘Poetry Now, Scotland Ireland and Wales 2004,’ or in Storm magazine. Haunfast was published in Handfast, an anthology of poems published by the Scottish Poetry Library in association with Polygon. Hairst o Thorns also includes the short story 'Souvenir'.

Serendipity once again features poems written during Sheena’s travels to the East – this time from her visit to Sri Lanka.

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