Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Poems: Druids, Drachts, Drochles

Druids, Drachts, Drochles is a collection of poems and short stories from 1994 (Hammerfield Publishing).
Tom Bryan in Northwords described Blackhall’s Scots as 'powerful and adept as Garioch’s, Soutar’s or MacDiarmid’s'…going on to state that 'a large collection by any of the big publishing houses is long overdue'.
The introduction to Druids, Drauchts, Drochles was penned by David Toulmin, who said of her poetry that ‘when it is meant to be, can be as dowie as the mouth of a lamb at the frozen teat in winter.’
'Quasimodo' was published in Tratti 32; others featured were BBC commissions for schools’ programmes, or appeared in Scots Glasnost (IX), Chapman and Cencrastus.

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