Tuesday, 9 May 2006

The Short Stories: Braeheid, A Fairm an its Fowk

Braeheid, a Fairm an its Fowk (Hammerfield Publishing, 1993) was joint winner of the 1993 Sloan Prize awarded by the University of St Andrews. Matthew Fitt was the co-recipient. Some of the tales were published in Guid Gear/Sma Buik, The Buchan Observer, Oor Ain Tongue, Chapman and Northwords.
The cover photograph shows the ferm toun of Hillhead of Cairnie, Skene, with the writer’s uncle, George Booth, in the middle flanking his horse Tibby, and father, a WWI veteran. There are 18 stories in this collection, all in Scots, covering a wide range of themes.

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