Friday, 12 May 2006

The Poems: 2005 Limited Editions

Ferlies, published by Lochlands in 2005, is another collection of poems by Sheena, sold in aid of Mental Health Aberdeen.

Lochlands also published a further booklet in the Very Limited Edition series, Sergeant Buchan's Jacket. This collection included poems inspired by work from the Aberdeen Artists' Society 71st Annual Exhibition in 2005, and a poem, 'The Gweedman's Craft', which Sheena wrote after studying Arthur Watson's 'Goodman's Land', exhibited by Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust as part of the University of Aberdeen's Word Festival.

Sergeant Buchan's Jacket also includes 'Holyrood', a poem written after Sheena, myself and my better half went doon on the train to Embra to visit the Scottish Parliament. The afternoon we visited the Chamber, Thursday 19 May, did indeed include discussion of "...breastfeeding, / noxious emissions, beavers, health, horse passports".

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